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Hi, I'm Melissa!

Author of 

So You Wanna be a Hairstylist... That's Cute!

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Photos by Lindsey Romero Media

So, You wanna be a hair stylist? 

You've got an itch, you're curious. You're wondering if you could possibly make it in the field of beauty. I don't know, can you? Just because you've performed a couple homecoming updos or maybe did your friend's makeup a few times does not mean you're going to make it in the cosmetology field. You need a lot more than that, buddy. You're gonna need hunger, hustle + a brand. If you've come to this website, that means you have a baby spark. Read my book, and start that fire in you that's pulsing to get out. I'm not going to sugar coat anything. In fact, I may even scare you away. But one thing is for sure, I'm going to be brutally honest with you, and after you finish reading this book, you'll not only know if cosmetology school is for you- you'll know how to be a badass while you're in there.

Meet the author

Melissa Pitman Goudeau was born in Natchez, Mississippi, in 1980. She is married to David Goudeau, and they have two daughters,  Murphy + Cooper. Melissa graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as a Ragin' Cajun and majored in Secondary English. She went on to teach Honors English at a Lafayette high school and decided in 2009 to resign to begin her long time dream- cosmetology school. By 2013, and after working at 2 different salons, Melissa opened up The Cut House Salon with a partner. To date, Melissa has a full clientele and is a master in Invisible Bead Extensions and plans to write more books to guide fellow stylists in the world of cosmetology.


Photos by Lindsey Romero Media

My Books
My Books

So, You Wanna be a

 Hairstylist... That's Cute.

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