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So, What's in the book?

1. How to pick a cosmetology school and know which is right for you

2. How to be a badass in school

3. How to tell the parentals (or just tell yourself) your skipping the university path and heading to beauty school.

4. Tips on being a wizard at your craft

5. How to kill it in hair school

6. Building your personal toolbox and what you HAVE to have in it

7. How to fake it when you have no idea what you're doing

8. The crap parts about hair school and your first years in the salon

9. Different paths you can take with this license

10. List of hair celebrities you need to start following

11. Steps to get your social media game strong

SoYou Wanna Be a Hairstylist... That's Cute

SKU: 671253175371
Expected to ship August 2023
    • This book is for anyone (young, old, switching careers, etc) who thinks they may be interested in cosmetology school. Melissa walks through the "breaking the news" to others, how to pick your school, how to bypass the other students, how to be sought after by top salons in your area before graduation, and how to take off at your first salon. She gives you the ammunition to be a badass stylist even before you start your journey. Read this book, and you will be more prepared than the other students + stylists around you. Get ready to be so confident about your big move.  
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      Mascot Books
    • Publish Date
      October 3, 2023
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      104 pages
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